December 5, 2012

December 5, 2012

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Nonferrous Mining in the Lake Superior Basin

Nonferrous Mining in the Lake Superior Basin, Virginia MN March 15, 2013

Looking at the agenda it appears to be a little top heavy in favor of the mining industry.

We have heard of the benefits the sulfide community has promised, the inflated numbers of jobs promised. Sulfide mining benefits only the mining companies, mining industry, and very few local people. The is always a negative impact on the long range local economy. What do we do with the jobs lost in the tourist industry? How do we deal with the pollution generated by sulfide mining? I have heard, "Oh, Yah, we won't pollute!" , that just isn't factual. The "new technology" is just a new term for more of the same with a little different twist. Nowhere has sulfide mining been done environmentally sound. If there is no risk, why not put up escrow money for future problems and cleanup, if needed? I suspect the risk is too high. You know the history, close down the operation, file bankruptcy and let the government, we the people, deal with it. When will we be tired of the "Super Funding" caused by irresponsible industries? There is no cleanup solution for sulfide mining.

Tell me again how much better my life will be with sulfuric acid leaching into my ground water, lakes, and streams!

Scott R. Mead more than 1 year ago

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