Centers for Disease Control

Keeping Bug-Borne Illness at Bay

In our North Woods, ticks and mosquitoes are an unfortunate – and all too abundant – part of the outdoor experience. These blood-sucking creepy-crawlies may even carry diseases, but a few simple precautions can keep them at bay.

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Adding nordic walking poles to your stroll can enhance your workout and make it more fun, as these walkers at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum discovered.

Courtesy Linda Lemke

Buffing Up Your Resolve

Plenty of support exists around the Big Lake for you to meet your fitness goals. Some people even travel here just to join programs that help them get healthier. more »

Apr 5, 2013 Health/Wellness

Judith Taylor, who sails often to the Ontario shore of Lake Superior with her husband, Larry, found great medical care in Nipigon District Memorial Hospital after a medical emergency near the rural town.

Larry Carpenter

Far North

A town with a population of fewer than 2,000 may not sound like a medical haven, but Nipigon District Memorial Hospital provides state-of-the-art care beyond what might be expected of its remote location. Just ask Judith Taylor. more »

Feb 18, 2013 Health/Wellness

Lakehead University students in the “Creative Community Engagements in Music” course became part of a five-year research project led by Dr. Mary Lou Kelley to enhance the lives of residents of long-term care facilities.

Courtesy Jessica Wyatt

Palliative Care Makes Inroads on Rural Roads

Thunder Bay researcher Dr. Mary Lou Kelley finds new ways to provide “comfort, quality and dignity” to the end-of-life experience in remote communities and in long-term care facilities. more »

Dec 12, 2012 Health/Wellness

A calming atmosphere sets the scene for a relaxing massage at Dance of the Sun Day Spa in Marquette.

Dance of the Sun Day Spa

Ahhhh … a Spa: A Bit of Pampering Can Benefit Your Health

The Lake Superior region abounds with places for a spa “getaway” of an hour or a few days. more »

Apr 22, 2010 Health/Wellness

A True Home Away

One dollar and 38 cents – that’s what one guest at the Beacon House in Marquette left for an overnight stay there. The payment envelope also had a note that explained he gave all he had, keeping just enough to get home. more »

Apr 13, 2012 Health/Wellness

Not Lost in Translation

A New Device Developed in Duluth Can Save Lives. It could be the stuff of nightmares: You have a medical crisis in a foreign country and no one in the hospital can speak your language as you desperately try to explain your emergency. more »

Jan 23, 2012 Health/Wellness

A Home for Hope

Talking about cancer is no longer taboo. People openly discuss the illness, have more awareness of prevention and early detection. If only the same were true of mental illness that might prematurely take the life of a young person through suicide. more »

Nov 13, 2011 Health/Wellness (1 Comments)

Three plant methods for making you miserable.

U.S. Department of Agriculture

Poison Ivy, Nettles and Parsnips

They jab you with tiny spines, coat you with rash-causing oils or leave a layer of plant juice that causes the sun to burn you. So what is it with stinging nettles, poison ivy and wild parsnips – why do they hate us? more »

Oct 2, 2012 Health/Wellness

Bear Bones Research

Do bears hold the secret to preventing osteoporosis? How is it that black bears can hibernate, shut down their systems and not exercise for five or six months over winter, and yet do not develop a bone-loss condition? more »

Jul 21, 2011 Health/Wellness

Courtesy Edgewood Vista - Hermantown

Older by the Lake: Options for Independent Living

It’s not hard to come up with the reasons that people choose to remain or decide to come to Lake Superior to retire. What might be less evident are the available options for home and health as we grow older by the Lake. more »

Jul 21, 2011 Health/Wellness

Bigger, Better, Brighter

It seems appropriate that a mom and her newborn became the first patients at the birth of a new hospital. The baby, born the night before, and mother were the first patients on the hospital’s opening day, March 6, 2011. more »

May 15, 2011 Health/Wellness

Joy Morgan Dey

Wintertime & the Livin' is Freezy

Tips on how to winterize your body. more »

Nov 5, 2007 Health/Wellness

University of Minnesota Medical School-Duluth

Medicine in the Making: Educating Our Newest Community Healers

The Lake Superior region offers a variety of health education programs designed to educate the newest generation of health care providers. more »

Apr 10, 2009 Health/Wellness

Superior Notes (right)

  • Morning Harbor Rounds

    Molly Hoeg / Superior Footprints

    Around the Circle This Week: April 18, 2014

    With the commercial fishing season starting slowly, the region faces a whitefish shortfall; Molly Hoeg explored the Duluth Harbor; Thunder Bay burned its last piece of coal; the governor of Michigan declared a state of emergency in Marquette.

    Apr 18, 2014 Superior Notes

  • Houghton Falls Magic

    Mary Carlin Dougherty / The Cookery Maven

    Around the Circle This Week: April 11, 2014

    Mary Carlin Dougherty recounted a magical spring sight in northern Wisconsin; Lake Superior reached its long-term average level in March; ice continued to slow (and damage) vessels on Lake Superior; and more news from the week.

    Apr 11, 2014 Superior Notes

  • Ups & Downs: My 8 Years Operating Duluth's Aerial Lift Bridge

    For eight years, I supervised operation of the Aerial Lift Bridge and observed much from my perch above the Duluth Ship Canal. Here are the four worst and five best things I encountered, from bridge hangers-on to the unforgettable sunrise views.

    Apr 10, 2014 Superior Notes

  • Lake Level Report: April 7, 2014

    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

    Lake Level Report: April 7, 2014

    After more than 15 years of low levels, the Big Lake has reached its long-term average level, thanks in part – yes, thanks – to the long and hard winter.

    Apr 7, 2014 Superior Notes

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