Just How Big is Lake Superior?

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volcanic material

How thick is the volcanic material beneath Lk Superior? I think I read its like 600 mi thick. That is why the depression was made and filled with water.

dcmrn 331 days ago

Re: volcanic material

This article will tell you all about Lake Superior's volcanic past: http://www.lakesuperior.com/the-lake/natural-world/243-lake-superior-basin-fiery-beginning/

Lake Superior Magazine 327 days ago

Average water Temperature

I heard that the average water temperature of Lake Superior is around 45 Degrees. Is that correct?

David THOR more than 1 year ago

Re: Average water Temperature

That's correct, according to data from Minnesota Sea Grant.

Lake Superior Magazine more than 1 year ago

That Superior Name

Nice article, and yes, it's Superior because it's awesome in so many ways. But the actualfacts reason the French first gave it that name was because it was the furthest north of the big lakes: "Lac Superieur" mostly meaning it was on the top.

Will more than 1 year ago


That's 1,826 miles of deep-luxuriant-sand-crystal-clear-waves-pounding-in-to-shore-abundant-driftwood-for-sunset-campfires-smooth-colorful-rocks-tall-white-pines-majestic-hemlocks-lined shoreline, thank you very much:)

Julie more than 1 year ago


I believe they have the maximum depth wrong. I've seen maps of the lake that show the deepest point to be 1,330 feet.

John more than 1 year ago

Re: Depth

The 1,330 number (sometimes 1,333 on maps) is a very old estimate. The Large Lakes Observatory at the University of Minnesota Duluth re-measured the Lake a few years back. We use their number: 1,276 feet.

Lake Superior Magazine more than 1 year ago

All the lakes?.

Is Lake Saint Clair not one of the great lakes?.

james more than 1 year ago

Re: Lake St. Clair

It's so many times smaller that, no, it's not designated a Great Lake.

Lake Superior Magazine more than 1 year ago

Q about Illustration & story

LOVE this article but am confused by the illustration showing Lake Superior covering avast portion of the east coast and the "31,700 sq.miles" reference to Maine. Maine is so tiny!

Carolyn more than 1 year ago

Re: Maine

Maine, which isn't shown in the East Coast graphic, isn't a huge state, but it's definitely not tiny. Maine's 30,843 square miles of land make it the 39th largest state, between #38 Indiana and #40 South Carolina.

Lake Superior Magazine more than 1 year ago


I am still confused. The surface area of Lake Superior is about the same as the surface area of Maine, which is about the same as a huge hunk of the Eastern United States stretching all of the way from Virginia to Northern Massachusetts?

Tim more than 1 year ago

Re: Maine

Indeed. Lake Superior really is that large. Amazing, isn't it?

Lake Superior Magazine more than 1 year ago

Re: Maine

Yes, it is.

Tim more than 1 year ago

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