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The Michigan Tech Enterprise Corporation SmartZone has four “incubator” buildings – in this historic Power House on the Houghton side of the the lift bridge, in the nearby Lakeshore Center, on the Michigan Technological University campus and in the Jutilla Center in Hancock.

Adam Johnson / Brockit Inc.

The New Boom in the Keweenaw

There's an economic boom on the rise in the Keweenaw Peninsula, fueled by the next generation of business families and new entrepreneurs. more »

Aug 12, 2013 Michigan

This impressive log house near Copper Harbor is home to Ruth and Ole Van Goor and can be your home away from home, too, since it is also Dapple-Gray Bed & Breakfast.

Courtesy Dapple-Gray Bed & Breakfast and Dapple-Gray Antiques

Inside the Dapple-Gray Bed & Breakfast

Ruth and Ole Van Goor created the splendid Dapple-Gray Bed & Breakfast at their impressive log home just west of Copper Harbor. Today, the thriving enterprise provides Ruth and Ole with a dream home and the means to live in paradise. more »

Aug 7, 2013 Homes (2 Comments)

The A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum at Michigan Technological University in Houghton boasts an impressive mineral collection from unique geographic locations around the world.

Courtesy George Robinson

A Gem of a Museum

It’s not often you expect to find diamonds, rubies, emeralds, agates and copper nestled alongside each other – especially in the Keweenaw Peninsula. But every one of these minerals can be found at the A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum in Houghton. more »

Jul 31, 2013 Michigan

At first glance, Johanna Marie Davis’ beautiful Copper Harbor, Michigan, home looks like it’s made of stone. It’s actually cordwood – yup, the same as from your woodpile.

Lesley DuTemple

Homes by the Cord

Recently a traditional wood construction method has been enjoying a comeback. more »

Sep 19, 2012 Homes