Lake Superior Journal: Setting Life’s Course on the Ship Corsair



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Lake Superior Journal

My dad was the skipper and I remember that photo being on the wall of his den for many years. He looked back with fondness and pride on his time with the scouts of Ship 6 and always remarked how lucky he was to have such a fine group of boys that all turned into honorable men. When he died he asked my brother and me to have his ashes scattered on Park Point and we honored his wishes some years ago. Thanks for the memories.

Jack Marrion II more than 10 years ago

Lake Superior Journal

So beautifully written, Cap’t Tom! Park Point, the City of Duluth, and Lake Superior are so lucky to have you as a respected member of the community! And I feel blessed to call you a friend!

Pemdy more than 10 years ago

Lake Superior Journal

What a privilege to write this article. Jim Marshall was a great friend and I don't think I ever missed reading his Journal in Lake Superior Magazine. Through him I was able to travel to many places on our Great Lake that I didn't get to myself. Jim would always greet me in his booming voice, "How ya doin young fella?" I was so glad after Jims passing that the publishers kept the Journal going so others, including myself, could share our love of Lake Superior and how the lake has influenced us throughout our lives. "Long live the Journal."

Cap't Tom Mackay more than 10 years ago

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