Picturing the Big Lake: Photographing the Northern Lights

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Northern Lights

Thanks for the tips, Dennis. I've always been fascinated by northern lights but only recently become active in trying to capture them with my camera. I may have missed it, but I think a prerequisite to successfully capturing the auroras is a sturdy tripod with a cable release or remote to minimize camera shake. A remote will also allow you to insert yourself in the shot if you're so inclined and can remain very still. Here's a northern lights pic from last month, taken near Forest Lake: http://www.flickr.com/photos/superiorimagery/10163359933/in/set-72157629545212476

Jim Ericson more than 9 years ago

Northern Lights Photography

Great article. I've been experimenting with night time photography, and I had already added some Northern Lights alerts to my smartphone (most of the ones you had already suggested). Thanks for these super tips on how to take some photos. Looking forward to generating lots and lots of bad photos, and eventually ... maybe a few good ones.

Rich Hoeg more than 10 years ago

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