From Dishwasher to President: Brian Daugherty of Grandma’s Restaurants



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Grandma's 1976

In 1976, I married my wife and we took a camping honeymoon. We started out going to Canada, it was in the midst of a horrible drought much like 2021. It was horrible to say the least, no campfire, no grilling, even no smoking! So. We ended up coming along Lake Superior and in no time, we ended up in Duluth. We ended up with a most beautiful campsite embedded under pine trees right across from the big lake Superior. The place ( Duluth tent and trailer park) was a most beautiful place to camp. The first night, we had a camp fire we sat behind the fire looking out at the lake. The lake was calm like a mirror and in the sky, was a most beautiful full moon that created a pathway to heaven! This was our magical place for many return trips. Then one year, it was gone. It sat empty for many years, soon homes were built on that site. We still have Grandma's.
I/we have been to Duluth 100's of times. We always eat at Grandma's faithful to the end. Much has changed over the many years. Some of the wonderful places to stay are long gone. The prices have skyrocket, in many ways, it seems like a tourist trap. Don't get me wrong, it is still a magical place to go. The big ships roll in by the docks of the bay, there is the amazing Glensheen Castle, railroad museum, zoo, John's pottery shop on the north shore drive, many gift shops and coffee shops, creates an amazing place to relax and totally unwind. Your magical place awaits you!

Mr. David Lovell more than 1 year ago

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