Lake Superior Ice Cover Tops 90 Percent



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Ice cover

From my vantage point at Split Rock Lighthouse on the North Shore I keep watching for the great ice cap of 2014. Looking out toward the Wisconsin south shore and 30 miles across to the Apostle Islands and up the North Shore and east towards the big part of the lake there is no ice at all visible today. The major reason for this is the incessant wind this winter that seems to blow continuously out of the northwest, the west, or like today from the southwest. There is no doubt that if we get one night of dead calm we are going to wake up to an ice-covered lake. Amazingly, on the morning of New Year's Day, the lake was covered with rubber ice as far as could be seen from the lighthouse. That was the earliest ice has formed in thirty a good month and a half. I have the ice skates ready to travel the shoreline when the ice comes.

Lee Radzak more than 3 years ago

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