Tall Ships Return to Duluth in August, with the World's Largest Rubber Duck in Tow


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Man, Instagram is going to be annoying that month...

Eric more than 6 years ago

tall ships

Love those ships...I have watched them arrive several times now and to see their sails on the horizon is amazing. For those of you who haven't seen them, put it on your "bucket list."

Maureen "Mo" Mahle more than 6 years ago

where to stay

can you help me find a place to stay

sally more than 6 years ago

Re: where to stay

Get in touch with Visit Duluth. The folks over there track lodging availability during special summer events. Go to www.visitduluth.com or call 800-438-5884.

Lake Superior Magazine more than 6 years ago

Rubber Duckey

I was absolutely charmed by this story. Proof that Duluth has its duck in a row. Who will sing the "Rubber Ducky song" to honor this tribute?

Jo Coles more than 6 years ago

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