Tall Ships Duluth 2016 Sweepstakes

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When ever we come to Duluth for some event we can never get a room also. That is sad because there is so many things to see and do. You can drive into WI and not get a room!

Kathy Osmundson more than 6 years ago

Re: Duluth

Thank you for the good reminder, Kathy. The many popular events in the Twin Ports do attract a lot of people, which is why we encourage making reservations well in advance. If you’re having trouble locating a room, though, don’t get frustrated. Try VisitDuluth.com. Visit Duluth constantly tracks available rooms and cancellations all around the city and surrounding communities. Our region has about 4,600 lodging rooms identified and will be adding more than 300 this summer, including the new Pier B Resort in a slip on the Duluth waterfront, a Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Hermantown and Hampton Inn hotels in both Duluth and Superior. Recently a La Quinta Inn and Suites opened in Duluth.

Lake Superior Magazine more than 6 years ago

Tall Ships 2016 entry

I've entered the contest by way of the Survey Monkey entry. I was hoping it would let me enter a comment on why I want to win. I want to win for my parents who met while in the Navy and on September 1, 2016 will celebrate 60 years of marriage. Thought this would be a great way for them to celebrate.

Tracey Gouraud more than 6 years ago

Re: Tall Ships 2016 entry

Thanks for the note, Tracey. Winners are drawn randomly, but we wish you the best of luck.

Lake Superior Magazine more than 6 years ago

tickets are already gone???

This is just not right. This link just posted and I went to see about tickets and they are already sold out. The average person WHO LIVES IN DULUTH cannot even enjoy a local event. This is the third time we have tried to get tickets to ride, and struck out again. I give up.

Lyne Pettit more than 6 years ago

Re: tickets

The sailaway tickets do go quickly (though it looks like a few remain for Sunday). Note that, before the 2013 festival, organizers added additional day sail tickets after the first batch sold out. Depending on which ships attend the festival, more tickets could be coming.

And, just to clarify for other folks reading, tickets for the festival and ship tours are still available.

Lake Superior Magazine more than 6 years ago

tickets already gone

lyne, contact me and you can sail out to meet the "parade" on my boat. We sail up from Ashland for the event and assuming the weather cooperates we'll be sailing down the lake to meet them then doing the boat cluster thing around the lift bridge. You're welcome to join us if we're able to come.

steve scoll more than 6 years ago


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