Why We Love the Big Lake: How the 'Lake Effect' Influences Our Lives

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The Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Michigan's Upper Peninsula I believe is one of the greatest areas in the USA. Here we have all 4 seasons and each one is the best in its own way. The Summer is great and the weather is very comfortable, not too warm nor too cold. Autumn is beautiful with the change of colors, birds flocking up and getting ready to go south. Have you ever watched the starlings or swallows practicing flying as group. One minute they appear to be all dark colors and then they will change direction and their color will change to a lighter color as their underside shows. Winter is jubilant with its snow and cold weather and all the wide open spaces for skiing, snowmobile, snow shoe hiking and just hearing the sound of the snow crunching under your feet on frosty days, or on cold clear nights when the stars seem so bright and sparkling as if to say, "My friend what do you think of this fine weather." While skiing; have you ever come across an open field newly covered with fresh snow and it looks like an all new white world. Then select a landmark across the field and start skiing toward it. Then when you reach your marker; look back and see your ski tracks and realize; that you just made the first marks on this new world. Have you ever watched the clouds of dark blue and gray gathering before a coming winter storm. Spring time is also special, the rebirth of the green plants and trees that have been over powered by the snow and cold of winter. The activity of the returning birds building a summer home to raise a new generation. The action of farmers and other planters preparing the earth once again to grow plants to provide a harvest for the new year. Such is the beauty and wonder of the Upper Peninsula.

Gustave Line more than 6 years ago

Lake Superior region

I have spent most of my life here in the Upper Peninsula and although I have traveled many areas in the USA as well as 18 months in Germany and over all I have been to the west coast, east coast, gulf coast, mountains of Colorado spent some time in Georgia, Wisconsin, Lower Peninsula and as I mentioned Germany; but I never found any place I would rather than be except right here.

Gus O. Linja more than 6 years ago

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