December-January 2012

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When Do I get mine??

Paul pellerin more than 7 years ago

cover recipe

Thanks for lending your "ear" and good editing eye, Amber. (So much for minding our Ps & Qs in this issue!) The Rittenhouse Inn has allowed us to post the poached pear recipe on this website - which is way tastier than any poached ear could be. Look under Lifestyle, then Food/Recipes. There are more than a dozen other recipes in the magazine in the stories on advice from local chefs and our Holiday Favorites Recipe Contest Winners. Enjoy!

Lake Superior Magazine more than 7 years ago

cover recipe

I was attracted to this months cover and went directly to the article. I only saw one recipe for Apple Glazed Pork Chops. The cover picture must have be a dessert! Beautiful...i'm thinking...what is it!! I read the captions. ..seafood stuffed lake superior trout (my mouth is watering). Roast pork loin with Apple cider marmalade glaze (that's not the dessert)...chardonnay poached EAR with port wine caramel! WHAT? What kind of ear could this be. I pondered this for 3 hours. Oh...Pear! Of course. Yum.

Amber Kester more than 8 years ago

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