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Ed - A great guy

My dad, Roy Carlsted heard of Ed's passing and wanted me to put a few thoughts here from him. Roy had fond memories of meeting with Ed at the coffee shop before the Birkie. Ed would sometimes mention that he was not feeling so well "as if to say my dad had a chance at beating him". However, Ed usually beat my dad by 10-15 minutes. My dad says he was a good Finn and he always liked seeing him, staying at the school together and skiing the same race.

Roy Carlsted more than 9 years ago

the Old man and the ski

I recently was afforded the opportunity to stay with Ed and Dot at their camp in Hermits Cove and can say he has become one of my hero's as well. I spent fascinating hours speaking with him about his many skills and accomplishments, a very wise man indeed. As a close friend of his grandson (Sean)and godfather to his great-grand daughter (Lily) I feel fortunate to have met him and consider him a friend. He is truly a treasure.

Dave Sherman more than 10 years ago

Ed Harjala

Bless you Jerry for chronicling this ski hero. I'm inspired. Thank you.

Frida Waara more than 11 years ago

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