An Ode

Ron Paine

What is beautiful and dangerous? Is it mysterious or sacred? Is it lethal or soothing? / I like the winter and the summer alluring sea caves. Read more


Grand Prize: 22nd Annual Photo Contest

Cari Povenz

Majestic seas, rise so high / And take me captive with your hypnotic tune. / With thunderous crash, or whispering sigh, / Bear witness to the gull and silent dune. Read more


Duluth's Waterfront

Visit Duluth

A city where ships port from a far-away destination / As locals, children, and tourists watch with fascination / A city on a lake named Superior massive and bold / A beauty to see and one to behold Read more


Student Poetry

Courtesy Deanna Erickson

Third-grade students at Lowell Elementary in Duluth reflected on their studies of Lake Superior and crafted these haiku. Read more