Temperatures Around the Lake Region

Just how hot or cold is it around the Lake Superior region?

Here's the complete listing of towns and other locations all around the region.

Current Weather and Radar Maps

Check the current weather and radar maps, along with upcoming forecasts.

Fall Color Chart for Lake Superior Region

Watch as the fall color moves across the region by week.

A great way to determine when best to take your trip to the lake.

Weather Terms and Phenomena: A Glossary

Learn about barometric pressure, rip currents, water spouts and other weather-related terms.

Regional 'Mosts'

Did you know that Duluth averages 52 days of heavy fog per year? See top snowfall totals, extreme temperatures and other 'mosts.'

Annual Average Snowfall Totals

Annual averages for cities and towns in the Lake Superior region.

How to Identify Types of Clouds

Can't tell a cumulus cloud from a cirrus? Here's a guide to the types of clouds one might see over Lake Superior.