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Looking for children's books as holiday gifts? Reviewed here are: Grandmother's Pigeon; The Big Island; Marisol the Parasol; Big Yellow, Firefighting Superstar; Dragonfly; Josie Dances; C is for Camp; Begin with a Bee and The Adventure of Mr. Mouse Read more

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Grandma's Marathon founder Scott Keenan discusses his memoir of the race's beginnings and growth. Read more

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Former Wisconsin school educator, Kathy Groth, talks about the inspiration for her first book for young people. Read more

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Speaking to the author of Michigan’s Western U.P. : An Old Professor’s Travel Guide of Twenty-Five Selected Locations (Ironwood to Baraga) Read more

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Margi Preus pulled off a hat trick of publishing this year with three books released. Writer Adam de Pencier chats with her and we review books for youngsters by regional authors or on regional topics. Read more

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The Wolf's Trail: An Ojibwe Story, Told by Wolves Read more

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Marlin Bree has lived by Lake Superior and sailed the saltwater oceans, too. Read more

Books & Video

Reviewed by Konnie LeMay Children's book, $16.95 Hardcover Read more

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Cary J. Griffith & Dan Egan Read more

Books & Video

Thomson Township’s Night of Terror by C. Philip Johnson, Rodney Ikola and Davis Helberg. Hellfire in Hermantown by Connie Jacobson. Sustaining Lake Superior by Nancy Langston An Extraordina Read more

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Mystery and History, Brian Freeman & Curt Brown. Read more

Books & Video

Lydia Kang & Michael Edmonds Read more

Books & Video

Local Authors, Linda LeGarde Grover, William Durbin & Barbara Durbin, Cyndi Perkins. Read more

, Books & Video

Reviews of Seven Ways to Trick a Troll, Winds & Currents Native American Stories, But That is Not Me!, Sadie Braves the Wilderness Read more

Books & Video

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