Felicia Schneiderhan



There has always been a sure-fire way to interest kids in science. Just blow something up. more




With the start of the football and hockey seasons – pro and amateur – concussions are much on the minds of many doctors, coaches, athletic trainers, players, teachers and health professionals nationally and regionally. more



Jessica Hehir / WITC

You’ve completed your studies, tossed that mortar board hat into the air, thanked your family for their congratulations and now … well, now comes the hard part. more



Gary McGuffin

The Slate Islands origin starts some 450 million years ago when a nearly 1-mile-wide meteorite crashed into the Earth just south of the equator. more

The Lake

Don’t Blame Winter for Missing Outdoor Fun

Chris Gibbs

In winter, many Lake Superior outdoor enthusiasts live by the old adage: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” more


Fortunate Fillings

Courtesy Nipigon Dental

Lake Superior’s rural neighborhoods fare pretty well when it comes to available dentists. Residents of most areas have at least one general practitioner within an hour’s drive – and usually much closer. more


Ice Climbing

Courtesy Michigan Ice Fest

The abundance of climbable ice by the Big Lake had been an accidental secret of climbers since the early 1980s. But that’s changing, thanks to increased interest in the sport and to the growth of events like Michigan Ice Fest and Nipigon Ice Fest. more


Old Ways Become New Adventures at Folk Schools

Courtesy Madeline Island School for the Arts

Folk schools are gaining popularity around the Big Lake and the world, attracting students for weeklong courses to afternoon sessions. Our folk schools often highlight Native and Scandinavian heritage and celebrate making things with one’s hands. more


4 Expert Tips on Choosing the Right Fitness Center

Phil Bencomo / Lake Superior Magazine

If you’re looking for an indoor fitness home during our long winters, here are a few things local experts suggest you consider. more


Woodland Weddings

On3Design / Courtesy Jon & Kelly LaCore

Woodland weddings are more than a trend around the Big Lake; nature, our backyard, has always been our wedding planning ally. more


Finding the Perfect Romantic Winter Getaway

Courtesy Grand Superior Lodge

What do you call “romantic”? A cozy snowed-in cabin with a cheery fire in the stone fireplace? A stylish room in a high-class hotel or an elegant stay in an historic bed-and-breakfast inn? more



Courtesy NMU Volunteer Center

Meet some volunteers who are generous with their times and talents to organize iconic events and aid worthy causes, and find out how to join those who know you receive much when you give. more


Fit for School

Felicia Schneiderhan

When it’s time to send children off to school, parents’ health checklists might include vaccinations and teaching children to cover when they cough. But there are a few extra health tips for children in our northern clime that might surprise you. more


Lake Superior Journal: Iron Man

Felicia Schneiderhan

Fe, our family's little Iron Man, always wears a life jacket by the water. But on this day, when we stopped briefly at the boat before a hike, he was not. And on this day, our 2-year-old tumbled from the dock and fell in. more


Get Down to the Water

Felicia Schneiderhan

Public marinas and safe harbors also provide access to the Lake and boat-infused views for those traveling by land. Big or small, downtown or in the middle of nowhere, they can be fascinating even for those without boats. more


Fractional Ownership: Buying into a Shared Getaway

Courtesy Larsmont Cottages on Lake Superior

Fractional ownership is a fast-growing sector of the vacation home market. Unlike a timeshare, which buys only use of a place, fractional ownership means buying an actual structure. Owners can sell their share or leave it in their will. more


Camping with Kids

Jeremy Kershaw

Did the arrival of the stork make you roll up your sleeping bag? Don’t put away that gear, say five families who introduced their children to camping from an early age. more



Northern Michigan University

Is your dining room table piled with college brochures? Is the family calendar dotted with campus visits? You might have a high school junior under your roof. While the application essays loom over their heads, the cost of it all looms over yours. more


Sew Big: A Revival of the Itch to Stitch

Felicia Schneiderhan

Even if you’ve never picked up a knitting needle in your life, and you don’t know knitting from crocheting from appliqué, chances are you’ve seen the signs that, in the Lake Superior region, textile arts are booming. more



Courtesy Edgewood Vista - Hermantown

It’s not hard to come up with the reasons that people choose to remain or decide to come to Lake Superior to retire. What might be less evident are the available options for home and health as we grow older by the Lake. more


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