Lake Superior Spirit: Living in the Woods

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To Kathy

I'm so thrilled to read this. Indeed Lake Superior Spirit blog is amazing! Kathy Drue deserves a huge round of applause. Living in the woods for so many years definitely needs courage.
For all the Readers out here: Kathy's blog is a wondrous place. Its warm, filled with love, loads of inspirational stories, beautiful words and of course lots of fun! :D

sonali more than 7 years ago

Already a favorite!

Glad you are sharing the joy and reflection that can be found in Kathy's blog!

Kat B. more than 7 years ago

Lake Superior Spirit blog

Thank you for your piece about Kathy's blog! I'm a big fan of hers and always look forward to reading about her experiences. Her blog is delightful, no matter where her heart leads. Wonderful to have such talent at our fingertips. Continued success to you and your magazine!

Susan Dee more than 7 years ago

Kathy's blog

Kathy's blog is a fantastic blog, even if you don't live in the north woods. There is always something special in her words, and I congratulate her for being featured in this way.

Bonnie more than 7 years ago

Thank you

Just wanted to thank you for featuring my blog. We are very lucky to live here in Lake Superior land, and it's a delight to share with others. Both Barry and I love your magazine. It is a wonderful high-quality product with great pictures and stories. Keep up the good work!

Kathy more than 7 years ago

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