July 16, 2013


July 16, 2013


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  • Lake Superior Ice: March 31, 2014


    Video: 2013-14's Lake Superior Ice in 60 Seconds

    This week the U.S. Coast Guard concluded five months of ice-breaking operations on the Great Lakes. In this time-lapse video, watch the Lake Superior ice develop and, ever so slowly, break up in the spring. more »

  • James R. Barker, Duluth, July 18, 2013

    Konnie LeMay

    James R. Barker on a Foggy Duluth Morning

    The James R. Barker, one of the largest vessels on the Great Lakes, gliding out of the fog and into the Duluth Ship Canal on a July morning. more »

  • High Falls on the Pigeon River

    Paul L. Hayden

    High Falls on the Pigeon River

    The High Falls on the Pigeon River, on the border between the United States and Canada in northern Minnesota, experienced almost double its normal flow after heavy rains during the week of May 20, 2013. more »

  • Gooseberry Falls

    Phil Bencomo / Lake Superior Magazine

    Video: Spring at Gooseberry Falls

    Spring is a fantastic time to visit Gooseberry Falls, just up the shore from Two Harbors, Minnesota. more »

  • Stormy Lake

    Paul L. Hayden / Lake Superior Magazine

    Stormy Lake: Big Waves on Lake Superior, April 11, 2013

    Ahead of an April snowstorm, wind gusts in Duluth topped 60 mph, creating huge waves on the Lake. Lake Superior Magazine's intrepid Paul Hayden braved the elements to capture this footage from Minnesota's near North Shore and Duluth. more »

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