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One of the best ways to enjoy Lake Superior is to get out on Lake Superior. Visitors to Minnesota’s North Shore in summer can choose sightseeing tours, dinner cruises or even a sailing adventure. Read more



Courtesy Bay Mills Resort & Casinos

Many gaming operations around the Big Lake neighborhood have grown into desirable destination points with broader opportunities for recreation and relaxation. Read more



Michael DeWitt

Riding an Angry Lake

A "pop-up" storm with high winds and waves turned an Apostle Islands weekend boating-camping outing into a frightening ride on an angry Lake Superior. Read more

Sep 8, 2017 10:42 AM My Lake Superior 3 Comments

Sea Hunter III

Grand Portage-Isle Royale Transportation Line

Visitors to Minnesota’s North Shore this summer have great options for getting out onto Lake Superior – one of the best ways to know the Big Lake. Read more


Is a Maritime Career Waiting for You?

Courtesy Ellora Martin

It may soon be one of our industries most in need of new recruits. We tell you how to embark on the career of a lifetime in the maritime industry, whether it's aboard a ship or in port. Read more


Porphyry Island Beckons with a Lighthouse, Trails & Gallery

Courtesy Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Superior

An adventure to Porphyry Island on Black Bay about 8 miles east of Sleeping Giant Provincial Park starts with how you get there. Most people arrive by kayak, canoe or boat. Or you can hire a fishing charter, a floatplane or helicopter. Read more


Great Lakes Fleet

Courtesy Jim Dan Hill Library / University of Wisconsin-Superior

In early 1901, Augustus B. Wolvin told executives at the newly formed U.S. Steel Corporation that if they wanted him to manage the “Steel Trust” fleet, he’d only do it from his adopted hometown – Duluth. Read more


Lake Superior Journal: A Cruise Across Time

Marie Zhuikov

The nip in the air may be why the passengers of the Wenonah consisted of only me and two other women. Like me, they were traveling not just across the water on Minnesota's North Shore, but across time. Read more


Cruising the Ontario Shore on a Sightseeing Tour

Discovery Charters

What makes a water tour of the Rossport Islands worth the trip? You get to view both the “inside” of the islands and the “outside,” a local term describing the open Lake. Inside, trees grow 3 feet from the water; outside, none are within 150 feet. Read more


Superior Challenge

Jared Munch

The Big Lake awes many people with its power and beauty, but it inspires some to test their limits. Meet individuals who set out on the water as a challenge and returned with a better understanding of themselves and our Sweetwater Sea. Read more


Lake Superior Journal: Iron Man

Felicia Schneiderhan

Fe, our family's little Iron Man, always wears a life jacket by the water. But on this day, when we stopped briefly at the boat before a hike, he was not. And on this day, our 2-year-old tumbled from the dock and fell in. Read more


Breaking Ice: April 7, 2015

U.S. Coast Guard / Courtesy Coast Guard Cutter Alder

Vessel Convoy Remains Mired in Eastern Lake Superior Ice

Thick ice on eastern Lake Superior has brought vessel traffic to a standstill near Sault Ste. Marie. More than a dozen ships are mired in ice that one crewman estimated is 6 feet thick. Read more

Apr 8, 2015 4:48 PM Superior Notes

They Like to Move It, Move It

Diane Hilden

Want to show off your knowledge about the latest maritime activity and season around our Big Lake? This story will put you in the know. Read more


Inside Fraser Shipyards

Patrick Lapinski

On Lake Superior, the call for help to fix any mechanical, structural or electrical woes often goes to the sole U.S. site on the Lake that can handle repairs, maintenance and modifications to the giant “lakers” – Fraser Shipyards in Superior. Read more



Travis Novitsky

Sightseeing tours on Minnesota’s North Shore will return this summer after a hiatus of about seven years. A new tour boat service, North Shore Scenic Cruises, will take up the niche left when the Grampa Woo III was sold in 2006. Read more

Minnesota 2 Comments


Glenn Lind Collection

Lake Superior Journal: Building Skiffs, Crafting a Life

Glenn Lind grew up in the fishing village of Castle Danger, Minnesota. At the tender age of 6, he fell in love for the first time – with boats. For him and his dad, Glenn writes, boat building became a labor of love. Read more

Jul 15, 2013 9:00 AM Superior Notes 1 Comments

Sailing a Real Lake

Charles Scott

Lake Superior remains a powerful call for those who sail – a call I answered for a summer cruise aboard my 32-foot sailboat bound for Isle Royale from Detroit. It was an adventure I’ll long remember. Read more


The Flower Lady

Arlene Earl Collection (top); Paul L. Hayden

For 15 years, Detroit, Michigan, florist Arlene Earl has sent flowers to passing freighters in memory of her husband's uncle, who spent his life in engine rooms of Great Lakes ships. Read more


Courtney Burton

Paul L. Hayden

Jim Woodard goes to sea on a regular basis aboard an ore carrier. After 36 years, he still thinks it's the most exciting job a person could hold. Here is his story, of the way of life on the lakes. Read more


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