Submission Guidelines

Mission Statement

Lake Superior Magazine will work to be the eyes, ears and voice of Lake Superior and its peoples. Through quality writing, graphics and photography, we strive to surprise, inform and delight our readers.


Co-Publishers, Beth Bily, Ron Brochu
Editor, Konnie LeMay
Art & Production Manager, Amy Larsen

Lake Superior Magazine is a bimonthly full-color consumer magazine that focuses exclusively on the Lake Superior region – history, current events, life styles, environment, tourism. Our long suit is outstanding photography accompanied by well-written and relevant editorial. We like to surprise our readers, and therefore will try to present an unexpected slant to the stories they'll receive in each issue. The magazine was established in 1979 and has since become the authority on Lake Superior living, environment and travel. All submissions should support that concept.

As a regionally focused publication with national distribution, we are highly selective, considering only quality material. However, each year we accept a number of offerings from new writers and photographers. The strongest advice we can give is to read the magazine to understand our approach before submitting. Sample copies are not free; they are the cost of the cover price, plus shipping and handling.

Lake Superior Port Cities Inc. also publishes regionally focused books. Please submit book manuscripts using the instructions below.

Lake Superior Magazine Categories

Not all-inclusive:

Photographs – Our hallmark! As a complete picture essay, illustrations for articles or as individual images for By the Shores (spread) and View•Point (single page).

Illustrations – Normally assigned, although freelance submissions will be considered.

Cartoons – Must be pertinent to the region, non-political and humorous.

Nonfiction – Persons, places and events in the Lake Superior region (contemporary; historic with current tie).

Fiction – Pertinent to the region or theme of an issue. Rarely used.

Departments – Shorter articles on specific topics of interest (Homes, Health & Wellness, Lake Superior Journal, Wild Superior, Heritage, Destinations, Profile, etc.).


Written Submissions

Lake Superior Publishing LLC receives many queries on duplicate subject matter. We reserve the right to accept or reject a specific query based upon quality, appropriateness and editorial subjectivity. We prefer queries or manuscripts sent via email ( Please do not FAX queries or unsolicited manuscripts. PLEASE, do not call. Submissions will be acknowledged. We try to send a decision in three to four months, but given the size of our staff, it may take longer; feel free to send a "what happened?" email after two months if you have not heard from us. We plan a year or more in advance, but articles are not locked into a specific issue until they have been accepted. We cannot return material that is not accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped return envelope. You should retain the originals or a copy of all submitted material.

People whose manuscripts are accepted for publication must be able to assume responsibility for permission to publish photos and names of individuals and places. Secure written permission to protect yourself when appropriate. Short biographical information on the writer should always accompany the submission. If accepted, a photo of the writer may be requested. When accepted, we may edit, abridge and condense the material as we may consider appropriate. As a rule, Lake Superior Publishing LLC does not consider material previously published.

Payment for Writing – We pay on a per-piece basis, with magazine features generally paying $200 to $350. Top dollar is earned by a well-written and researched manuscript-photo package. The average feature runs 1,600 to 2,000 words. Departments and Columns average 800 to 1,200 words and usually pay from $75 to $200.

Assignment – Lake Superior Publishing LLC publications are copyrighted. You will be asked to sign a standard agreement assigning some rights to your work. We generally ask for First North American serial rights and electronic rights and some Second serial rights in the case of reprints of our special publications. You will be notified before reprinting. First serial rights are reserved for 90 days following the first month of the publication. Payment is made upon publication. You will receive at least one copy of the publication in which your work appears, with additional copies available at wholesale cost.

Submission Appearance – Mailed submissions should include a flash drive with the electronic version of the story and accompanying images. Submissions must include an SASE and should include an email address for reply. The flash drive cannot be returned unless accompanied by proper postage. Email submissions should include full name and phone information. Social Security number will be required prior to publication. Address all submissions to ''Editor.'' All submissions MUST include an address, daytime and evening phone numbers, fax number, website and email address as applicable.


Photographic Submissions

We no longer accept prints or transparencies as complete submissions (though print-outs or thumbnails accompanying electronic versions are required). Complete photographic identification must accompany each submission with clearly identifiable links to electronic images; IDs should includes subject name, location and date taken.

Lake Superior Publishing LLC does not assume liability for lost, damaged or undelivered submission materials, so please do not give us sole versions. Enclose a self-addressed, stamped return envelope or box if you wish materials to be returned. However, it is requested that you submit materials in a way that can be kept here as a potential for future consideration.

Digital – size, resolution and quality determine use of digital photography; submit high-resolution versions of images, preferably in Raw, tiff or jpeg formats. Any CD or flash drive with images MUST be accompanied by a printed guide to what is on the disk and MUST show the images in a thumbnail or larger printed version.

Photographer has sole responsibility for rights of accessibility and acquisition, proper attribution and release for use of each photograph. Written permission may be necessary from the subject of the photograph, and at the very least should be held by the photographer for personal protection.

Payment – Payment is made to originators of photographic works. We pay $50 for each image, not based on size of use or number of usages in one issue. Cover photo pays $150. Additional use within the same publication, such as on the title page, at no additional payment. Combination writer/photographer stories may be negotiated as a package. Payment is made upon publication.

Assignment – As with editorial material, you will be asked to sign a standard agreement assigning some rights to your work. We prefer photography being published for the first time. We ask for 90-day protection and electronic rights for all photography and illustrations used in magazines, 18-month protection for use in calendars or books. To protect our investment in color separations, we also ask for preassignment of republication rights. You will be notified before reprinting. You will receive at least one copy of the publication in which your work appears, with additional copies available at wholesale cost.

Ancillary Categories – Lake Superior Publishing LLC publishes many additional products that require photography and artwork. Although photographic material submitted to the magazine is primarily considered for that publication, we also look for other uses. Some of the other products we produce are books, calendars, note cards and Christmas cards. We accept submissions for all.

Address all submissions to “Editor.” All submissions MUST include an address, daytime and evening phone numbers, fax number, website and email address as applicable.

Lake Superior Publishing LLC
310 E. Superior St. #125
Duluth, Minnesota 55802-3134, U.S.A.


P.0. Box 16417
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218-722-5002 / FAX 218-722-4096


Updated Aug. 19, 2019