The 18th Annual Photo Contest Winners

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18th Annual Lake Superior Photo Contest

My son was thrilled to see his picture in the magazine. Thank you for printing it - it is great memory of a wonderful U.P. vacation.

Norma Pszczolkowski more than 10 years ago


Thanks for spotting the mix-up, Tom. It's correct in the magazine, but the error was introduced during web production. It's been updated.

Lake Superior Magazine more than 10 years ago

photo contest (correction)

I took the the photo "Honorable Mention: "Baby Squirrel Hug," Tom Schweitzer, Copper Harbor, Michigan.

The picture was taken in Copper Harbor, Michigan, but i'm from Jefferson, Wisconsin. The caption under the Photo says " Tom Schweitzer of Jefferson, Michigan" shouldn't it say "of Jefferson, Wisonsin"

Thanks, Tom

Tom Schweitzer more than 10 years ago


I love that you created the special "Schmoozing" category for Dennis' blueberry pie photo. We'll be sure to let the folks at the West Bay Diner in Grand Marais know about it, and we'll keep sending our pics as we try to move up from the finalist category to honorable mention.

Marilynn Bachorik more than 10 years ago

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