Give Us Your Best Shot - Contest Closed

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Photo contest 2012?

I was wondering how I find out when the photo contest for 2012 will start. I missed the deadline for 2011.

Joni Mendyk-Bliss more than 6 years ago

RE: Notification

Thank you for your question, Marilynn. If you sent a stamped return postcard, you should have received that by now. We're working on judging and the results will be announced in the February/March issue.

Lake Superior Magazine more than 6 years ago


Are you going to let those who entered know that you've received their photos again this year?

Marilynn Bachorik more than 6 years ago

Lk. Superior 17th Yr. Photo Contest

Anxiously awaiting the 2011 results and finalists ! ! ! KC from Chicago

Karen Yoder more than 6 years ago

Oct 18, 2011 photo

WOw..good job...this photo is amazing

Janet more than 6 years ago

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