A Night to Remember: A Newsman and a Sailor Recall When the Fitz Went Down

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Just a kid

I was a Lake Superior student living in the Sault, but will never forget that storm and that night. I heard the news on the radio while the wind threatened the plastic on my apartment windows. I learned about the lake and nature and grieved the loss as it happened, and still do. RIP to all the brave.

Brenda Thom more than 4 years ago

Actually the Naugatuck

"We learned the Coast Guard dispatched two cutters, the Woodrush and the All night, we dug for details. We learned the Coast Guard dispatched two cutters, the Woodrush and the Naugatuck, from the Sault. (If memory serves me right, the Woodrush couldn’t leave immediately, due to heavy seas.)"

Actually that was the Naugatuck, which couldn't leave Whitefish Bay while the winds were over 60 knots. Woodrush was the ONLY operational heavy-weather capable boat the Coast Guard had that night.

Wendy more than 6 years ago


I was on the Woodrush that night, we were on 6 hr standby, and we're underway in 2 hrs, 35 ft seas across the lake. We actually laid on our side at one point.

Robert Ravina more than 6 years ago

Green Bay remembrance.

I was working at an oil terminal in Green Bay when this happened. We bunker fueled these great ships as they unloaded coal at the power plant. Our whole crew was sadly affected.

Russ Kasten more than 6 years ago

Stormy night

I remember that storm very well. I lived in Marquette, Michigan on the third floor of a house on a hill. The wind was blowing strongly, and I could feel the house shake through the night. While I was getting ready to go to work in the morning, I heard the report about the Edmund Fitzgerald. This is a clear memory that has stayed with me all these years.

Jean Maatta more than 6 years ago


I lost a special friend that day. Paul Michael Riipa . 41 years later it still leaves a lump in my throat. I named my son after him. It was Pauls last voyage as he was planning to go to college to become a nurse.

Sheri Rektor more than 6 years ago

Big Fitz

As a former Marine OS I remember that night quite well very scary and Heart Wrenching R.I.P Brothers.

Danny Boon more than 6 years ago

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