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Cary J. Griffith & Dan Egan Read more

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Thomson Township’s Night of Terror by C. Philip Johnson, Rodney Ikola and Davis Helberg. Hellfire in Hermantown by Connie Jacobson. Sustaining Lake Superior by Nancy Langston An Extraordina Read more

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Mystery and History, Brian Freeman & Curt Brown. Read more

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Lydia Kang & Michael Edmonds Read more

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Local Authors, Linda LeGarde Grover, William Durbin & Barbara Durbin, Cyndi Perkins. Read more

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Thanks to the internet, you can find recipes aplenty online, but I want to sing praises here to the joy of a good cookbook, one that offers much more than a sets of ingredients and the instructions for assembling a meal. Read more


Reviews of Seven Ways to Trick a Troll, Winds & Currents Native American Stories, But That is Not Me!, Sadie Braves the Wilderness Read more

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Reviews of Douglas Wood's Deep Woods, Wild Waters A Memoir and Sarah Stonich's Shelter: Off the Grid in the Mostly Magnetic North. Read more

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Reviews of Vincent Wyckoff's Black Otter Bay, John Marvin Hanson's Hunting Camp 52 and Gerald Sandvick's World War II Shipbuilding in Duluth and Superior. Read more

, Books & Video

Reviews of Lake Superior Writers' Going Coastal, Laurie Ottis' End on the Lupine Season and Sky Blue Water, Great Stories for Young Readers. Read more

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Reviews of Lisa Crayford’s practical and concise “Waterfalls of Minnesota” and Linda LeGarde Grover’s poems of sacrifice, love and family in “The Sky Watched.” Read more

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Reviews of “Night Sky with the Naked Eye” by Bob King, “The Tao of Nookomis” by Thomas D. Peacock and “Floating Palaces of the Great Lakes” by Joel Stone. Read more

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Editor Konnie LeMay selects some of the best regional children’s books she read this year. Read more

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Reviews of "The Legend Lives on: S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald" from the Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society, the DVD "Upper Great Lakes Paranormal Files" from Don Hermanson and "Locally Laid" by Lucie B. Amundsen. Read more

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Reviews of "Tracking the Beast" by mystery writer Henry Kisor and coffee-table book "Let's Go Fishing" by Eric Dregni. Read more

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Reviews of "Waterfalls of Michigan" by photographer/writer Phil Stagg and "Ship Captain's Daughter," Ann Lewis' memoir. Read more

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Reviews of Ann Treacy's "The Search for the Homestead Treasure" and Roslyn A. Nelson & Starla J. King's "Wide Awake. Every Week." Read more

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This is the best time of year for a great mystery, when the wind howls and it’s better to stay inside to learn more about an old friend you’ve known for a decade. It’s also perfect timing for the rerelease of this timeless picture book. Read more

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Double-N Donn: More on the Great Hinckley Fire

Some readers may recall my article about the Hinckley Fire, “Surviving the Flames,” which appeared in the August/September 2014 issue. At the time I wrote the article I was unaware of a remarkable book about the fire by Daniel James Brown. Read more

Jan 28, 2016 10:10 AM Superior Notes

Six children's books reviewed: "Twig's Guide," "North Woods Girl," "Hungry Coyote," "Underwater Adventures with Louis and Louise," "A Bird on My Hand" and "The Littlest Loon." Read more

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