When taking a spin around the Lake to check in with longtime businesses that have changed ownership this past year or so, a common thread emerges: The more things change, the more they stay the same. Read more


Grandma's Saloon & Grill

Courtesy Grandma's Restaurants

From Dishwasher to President: Brian Daugherty of Grandma’s Restaurants

Grandma's Restaurants President Brian Daugherty talks about what it takes to make a successful restaurant and also about his own path within the company, from dishwasher-slash-bus-boy to president. Read more

Nov 16, 2016 12:35 PM Superior Notes

Maurices: Small Town Roots, Big Time Success

Courtesy maurices

The store that Maurice Labovitz built in Duluth in the 1930s has made a successful business splash across the United States and Canada. Read more


Dawn of a New Superior

John Heino

“Welcome to Superior – Living up to our name.” This message, prominently displayed above Center City Park at Belknap Street and Tower Avenue, perfectly captures the energized local optimism of this Wisconsin city. Read more


Calumet Art Center

Mark Gregg / Mark P. Gregg Photography

This small town boasts the oldest artists’ cooperative in the Copper Country, an art center with weekly classes, fine art galleries, retailers and restaurants with rotating local art displays, plus its own Calumet Arts District business association. Read more


Plane Uses Parachute System to Ditch

U.S. Coast Guard

Using Parachute System on Duluth-Made Plane, Pilot Safely Ditches in Pacific

An innovative safety system by Duluth-based Cirrus Aircraft helped a pilot safely ditch his Cirrus SR22 in the Pacific on Sunday after the aircraft ran out of fuel. We featured Cirrus in the February/March issue of the magazine. Read more

Jan 26, 2015 4:52 PM Superior Notes

Spilling the Beans

Jack Rendulich

You don’t need to go far these days to find a locally roasted cup of coffee to enjoy while looking out over Lake Superior. Like the rise in micro-brewed beers, local coffee roasting has boomed recently, too. Read more

Food/Recipes 1 Comments

Downtown Houghton

Brockit Inc.

Pulling off an entrepreneurial miracle, Houghton managed to make a party – a profitable party – out of what might have been a miserable economic situation when U.S. Highway 41, running on the downtown’s two main streets, was reconstructed. Read more


Get Down, Duluth

Jack Rendulich

Boutique stores, microbreweries, restaurants, movies, live entertainment and quality residences: Meet the new downtown Duluth. The city’s heart once again feels more like its hub of activity. Read more


New Boom in the Keweenaw

Adam Johnson / Brockit Inc.

There's an economic boom on the rise in the Keweenaw Peninsula, fueled by the next generation of business families and new entrepreneurs. Read more


Ever dream of owning a business by Lake Superior, starting a second career, working for yourself and living on the shore? This might be the time for that move. Three bed-and-breakfast inns near the Lake are for sale. Read more


Iverson Snowshoes

Jerry Harpt

It all began in the mid-20th century when Clarence Iverson made and sold snowshoes in his spare time. When he retired, things got busier. His reputation – and his snowshoe business in Shingleton, Michigan – spread. Read more



3M Corporation

Internationally-known 3M Corporation – maker of such products as Post-it notes and Scotch tape – was founded in Two Harbors, Minnesota. The building where 3M was born now houses a museum dedicated to the history of the company. Read more


Sustainability reflects the ability to sustain on-going discussions between groups that often find themselves in battle over development projects. Commitment to balance environmental, social and economic needs may give common ground. Read more

Lake Superior

  • Old Town Antiques

    Nik Wilson

    Old Town Antiques

    Old Town Antiques in downtown Duluth.

  • 2423mmuseum

    3M Corporation


  • 2423mplant

    3M Corporation


  • 2423msign

    Lake County Historical Society


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