Michael DeWitt

Riding an Angry Lake

A "pop-up" storm with high winds and waves turned an Apostle Islands weekend boating-camping outing into a frightening ride on an angry Lake Superior. Read more

Sep 8, 2017 10:42 AM My Lake Superior 3 Comments

Lake Superior Journal: Day One at the Crossroads

Dave Myers

My wife, our four little kids and I eagerly approached the trailhead of the Lake Superior Provincial Park Coastal Trail in Ontario. We were prepared to take our initial footsteps into a backpacking adventure. Then we saw the sign: “Bear Problems.” Read more


That Old Boulder-Jumper, Finn

Ann Marie Mershon

Sunshine and exhilarating waves on Lake Superior have called like siren songs for the last nine years to my group of kayaking friends, the Old Fogies, all of us in our 60s and 70s, all from Grand Marais, Minnesota. Read more


Camping with Kids

Jeremy Kershaw

Did the arrival of the stork make you roll up your sleeping bag? Don’t put away that gear, say five families who introduced their children to camping from an early age. Read more


Sauna on St. Ignace

Chris Gibbs

We had come a long way to get here … and now here hardly seemed real. After 10 days of pulling toboggans across snow and ice on Lake Superior, we were lounging in a 170-degree sauna that we had worked all morning to bring back to life. Read more


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