Claire Duquette

All Inn

Courtesy Pinehurst Inn

Married for more than 30 years, Mike and Becky Haller decided on “semi-retirement” in Bayfield and bought the Pinehurst Inn after longtime careers in the Chicago area. more



Boris Benko

It’s mid-summer, and the harvest has already been coming in, whether from the wealth of orchards and farms in the Big Lake region, from your backyard garden or straight from a forest or field. Here’s six top picks, with recipes for each. more


A Home with a History: Couple Finds Their Perfect Place in Washburn

Bob Berg / Lake Superior Magazine

When Martin and JoAnne Katzmarek went on a bike ride during a visit to Washburn, Wisconsin, in 2007, they weren’t looking to buy a home. But a “for sale” sign in the yard of a charming arts-and-crafts bungalow caught their eye. more


The Bee’s Knees: Local Couple Adopts a Healthful Honey of a Hobby

Claire Duquette

Three years ago, Paula Cunningham looked out at the little apple orchard behind her and husband Tom’s Ashland, Wisconsin, home and had an aha thought: “It would be a great idea to get some bees.” more


Small Town Caregiver

Claire Duquette

Recently a family brought a newborn to Jan Penn, a nurse practitioner at Essentia Health Ashland Clinic. They didn’t need medical advice; they needed Jan to pose for a photo with the child, the fifth generation of the family to come to Jan for care. more


Gather Around the Table

Claire Duquette

Built as a second home for a Chicago-area politician, Chris Lindsey's ranch-style yellow brick house was one of the first built on the lakeshore north of Washburn. While there was much to love, there were some things that always bothered her. more


The Spot

Charmaine Swan is used to the quizzical looks when she tells people that she owns a combination yoga studio and bar. Not a juice bar, mind you, but the kind of bar where you can stop for an icy cold tap or glass of chardonnay after a workout. more


Sigurd Olson Institute

Northland College / The Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute

An institute named for famed naturalist Sigurd Olson keeps the legacy of his environmental vision alive and thriving among young people. more


Lake Superior as a backdrop is one sure way to make a wedding memorable. We asked a few newlyweds what, for them, made the Big Lake the perfect place for their big day. more



Troy Thies

When Tom and Nicole Wolfe decided to build their dream getaway lodge on the south shore of Lake Superior, they knew they had to think big. They figured they’d need a place the size of a barn to fit the extended family. So that’s what they built. more


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