Fit for School

Felicia Schneiderhan

When it’s time to send children off to school, parents’ health checklists might include vaccinations and teaching children to cover when they cough. But there are a few extra health tips for children in our northern clime that might surprise you. Read more


Big Lake Bike Heaven

Courtesy Spirit Mountain

Biking may fall under the “silent sports” umbrella alongside cross-country skiing, running and paddling, but cyclists on our shores are anything but quiet about their love for regional riding. Tour the Big Lake's best trails with us. Read more


What's SUP?

Courtesy North Shore SUP

For longtime kayakers and canoeists, standup paddleboarding offers a fresh perspective on familiar waters and a new challenge, but the booming sport is also drawing in folks who’ve never held a paddle. Read more


Balancing Act

Burton Laine

In the Lake Superior region, courses like “A Matter of Balance” and “Stepping On” help seniors prevent falls – and, should they take a spill, help them return to full, active lives. Read more


The Spot

Charmaine Swan is used to the quizzical looks when she tells people that she owns a combination yoga studio and bar. Not a juice bar, mind you, but the kind of bar where you can stop for an icy cold tap or glass of chardonnay after a workout. Read more


Santa Shuffle

The Salvation Army of Thunder Bay

The Santa Shuffle in Thunder Bay might sound like a new holiday dance craze, but it’s really a way for families to have fun, get outdoors and help raise money for a good cause. Read more



Courtesy Linda Lemke

Plenty of support exists around the Big Lake for you to meet your fitness goals. Some people even travel here just to join programs that help them get healthier. Read more


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