Holiday Recipe

Residents by Lake Superior could get a rare holiday opportunity. Really, if we wanted, we could embrace two Thanksgivings – the Canadian one on October 8 this year (always a Monday) and the American version on November 22 (always a Thursday). Read more


Our northern region is rich with the traditions of holiday breads. Traditional holiday breads from the Nordic and East European traditions differ primarily in their shapes, seasonings and fillings. Read more



Amy Russell

I looked to our magazine family for a few of their holiday favorites. Try Siiri's Sandbakkels, Nancy's Popcorn Salad and Super Simple Cheesecake, and Juli's Cheesy Potatoes. Read more


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Mark Phillips / Rittenhouse Inn

Popular “retro” television shows like “Mad Men” are bringing back the interest in cocktails and socializing before dinner. But at the Rittenhouse Inn, at least, flavorful and fun cocktails never went out of style. Read more


Favorite desserts – Minnesota Chocolate Espresso Cake and Chocolate Chai Latte Cookies – from the Ellery House and the Firelight Inn on Oregon Creek, both taking part in the Historic Holiday B&B Tour in Duluth. Read more


Potica is likely familiar to anyone who grew up in – or anywhere near – a Slovenian, Croatian or Serbian family. The rich, Old World pastry could be simply described as a walnut roll, but that would in no way do it justice. Read more

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