Julie Buckles

The Rescuers

National Park Service

Two Pictured Rocks rangers were driving home when a man, drenched and in kayak gear, came running out of the woods and collapsed in the road. His friends, he said, were still in the water. Meet the rescuers who respond to these kinds of emergencies. Read more


Journey of a Lifetime

Charly Ray

Paddling from Lake Superior to the Canadian plains – everybody does that for their honeymoon trip, right? Read more


Fifty years ago, in September 1963, President John F. Kennedy visited Ashland, Wisconsin, and Duluth, Minnesota, during a national tour, visits that would leave lasting impressions on locals and the region. Read more

The Lake

Murder They Wrote: How the Lake Superior Region Seduces Mystery Writers

David Ballard

Our Big Lake and North Woods seem to be inspiring quite a few mystery writers these days, some with national and international audiences. They all love the region’s attributes for a nice little murder or two. Read more



Photo by Gary Knowles

Bayfield Peninsula is large and the wildlife – deer, bears and wolves – far outnumber humans. You won’t find one stoplight in all of Bayfield County and your biggest stress might be catching the ferry to Madeline Island on time. Read more

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