Lighthouses of Lake Superior



Maybe it’s the isolation, the endless battle against wind and waves, or the tales sheltered within. Whatever the allure, I’m drawn to lighthouses. And I have a favorite. Read more

Lake Superior

It’s called “astrophotography,” the photographic capturing of the night sky, and the Lake Superior region often offers up the most rarified views imaginable. Read more



Louis Nuttall

Before you reach the lighthouse you have to cross the Lake, and before you reach the Lake you have to drive the road – a long road to be sure, from Toronto to Lake Superior. Read more



Bob Jauch

The annual Apostle Islands Lighthouse Celebration cruises float by history with rare stops as some of the Apostles most remote lights. Put it on the Bucket List. Read more


Thunder Bay Main Lighthouse

Elle Andra-Warner

On the Ontario shores of Lake Superior, there are more than 32 lighthouse sites, some abandoned, moved or destroyed, but others still active aids to navigation or year-round emergency lights. Read more


Stannard Rock Lighthouse: The Loneliest Place on the Continent

Neil Harri

Old-time lighthouse keepers called Stannard Rock the loneliest place in North America – it’s the North American light station the most distant from land. U.S. Coast Guardsmen labeled it “Stranded Rock” and rumored it was a punishment tour of duty. Read more

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The Keepers of Split Rock Lighthouse

Minnesota Historical Society Split Rock Collection

Civilian keepers served at Split Rock from 1910 to 1961, when the U.S. Coast Guard took over the duties. Read more


Rock of Ages Lighthouse

Dennis O'Hara

These offshore stations marked some of the most dangerous threats to navigation found anywhere, and the stories of their operation and maintenance speak volumes about the dedicated people who worked them. Come meet them and their islands. Read more


Lighthouses of Western Lake Superior

Dennis O'Hara

The lake’s western lighthouses seem to have fewer heroic tales than those found on the Shipwreck Coast of Michigan or in the Apostle Islands, but when the winds and waves roared or the fog rolled in, these lightkeepers worked just as diligently. Read more


Crisp Point

Tom Buchkoe

Beginning in 1849 with Whitefish Point Light Station, lighthouses along Michigan's Shipwreck Coast have served to warn mariners clear of the dangerous reefs and shoals and act as a set of markers pointing ships from light to light. Read more


Lighthouses of the Apostle Islands

Lynn E. Marvin

For more than a century, these light stations were home to men and women who endured the privations of island life to provide mariners with reliable beacons to guide them on the waters of Lake Superior. Read more


Split Rock Lighthouse

Minnesota Historical Society Split Rock Collection

It took a catastrophic November storm to convince the U.S. Congress to build what would become among the most recognized and beautiful landmarks on Lake Superior – Split Rock Lighthouse. Read more


Family Life at Split Rock Lighthouse

Minnesota Historical Society Split Rock Collection

Before Minnesota Highway 61 was built, boats were the only means of transportation to Split Rock Lighthouse. Life at the lighthouse could be lonely for the early keepers and their families. Read more


Split Rock Lighthouse

Lee Radzak

From its 1822 introduction, the Fresnel lens became the standard for lighthouses throughout the world. The 3rd Order Fresnel lens installed at Split Rock was one of the most widely used fixtures and is one of the key features of the site. Read more


Split Rock's Keeper of the Light

Lake Superior Magazine

Split Rock site manager Lee Radzak and his wife, Jane, moved into the middle keeper's house in 1982, the latest in a long line of light-keeping families. It's the only home their two children have ever known. Read more


  • ATCTW061518.lighthouse.1240

    Bob Berg


    South Pier Lighthouse in Duluth

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