Madeline Island


Bob Berg / Lake Superior Magazine

There's so much to enjoy on Madeline Island. Here's a 3-day itinerary to get you started. Read more


Madeline Island Makeover

Andrea Rugg / Courtesy CF Design

Judy and Pat Sebranek enjoyed summers at their Madeline Island cottage for years, but after they retired, the island became their full-time home. For year-round living, their cottage needed a makeover. Read more


Still Here and Thriving

Ivy Vainio

Mooningwanekaaning-minis, “Home of the Golden-Breasted Flicker,” is the Anishinaabe homeland. Today, most call it Madeline Island. Ten millennia ago, people walked and canoed the lands surrounding the island, fished the waters and lived in reverence. Read more

The Lake

Chateau Madeleine

Kendra Mack

The white slatted porch swing has creaked on the green-painted porch of Coole Park Manor since 1913, when the Hull family from Kansas City built the five-bedroom Adirondack-style “cottage” on a Madeline Island bluff. Read more


The Cookery Maven: Water, Interrupted

Mary Carlin Dougherty / The Cookery Maven

The Cookery Maven: Water, Interrupted

At The Cookery Maven, Mary Carlin Dougherty writes of a Madeline Island adventure and the winter wonder of Lake Superior. Read more

Feb 12, 2014 4:52 PM Superior Notes

Point to La Pointe

Don Albrecht, Bayfield

"Move! You're off course!" The voice came loud and serious. I was about a mile into the 2.1-mile Point to La Pointe Swim, from Bayfield to Madeline Island, swimming at a 90-degree angle directly into the North Channel, veering into Lake Superior. Read more


La Pointe School

Jack Rendulich

Young children at Madeline Island's small La Pointe School follow in the youthful footsteps made by island kids since 1872. Modest class sizes – just a few dozen students in two classrooms – make for a close relationship among students and teachers. Read more


Lake Superior Journal: Sure, it's just 150 miles … but in a 15-foot rowboat?

In those few moments, I realized that I was in the presence of one incredibly fine man. And one very special 15-foot boat. Read more

Aug 1, 2001 12:50 PM Superior Notes

  • Madeline Island Food

    Madeline Island Chamber of Commerce

    Madeline Island Food

    A wide range of food options make for a tasty visit to Madeline Island

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