Northern Lights

It’s called “astrophotography,” the photographic capturing of the night sky, and the Lake Superior region often offers up the most rarified views imaginable. Read more



Dennis O'Hara

Picturing the Big Lake: Photographing the Northern Lights

Photographer Dennis O'Hara tells us how to capture the northern lights. This heavenly light show can be an extraordinary phenomenon to photograph. Read more

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Mark Upton

Featured Photo, 12/4/12 – Light Show

Mark Upton sent in this photo of the Northern Lights, taken in late September as a freighter passed by on the horizon. Read more

Dec 4, 2012 1:44 PM My Lake Superior

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Lois Nuttall / Superior Visits

Featured Photo, 11/6/12 – Northern Lights

Lois Nuttall stayed up late – 'til 12:55 a.m. – to get this stunning Northern Lights photo last September. Read more

Nov 6, 2012 12:01 AM My Lake Superior 2 Comments

Northern Lights

Travis Novitsky

For us in the Lake Superior region, aurora borealis displays are not rare. What causes them? The very simple explanation is that northern lights result from electrons that collide with atoms in the upper atmosphere and give off their energy as light. Read more

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