Jim Baird

“Get left! Get left! Boulder!” My brother yells to me from the bow of our canoe. I pry hard and am relieved when we dodge – barely – the unexpected protruding rock, but now we might miss the crucial-to-catch shore eddy on the right. Read more



Parks Canada

Ontario's largest wilderness park is right in our Big Lake back yard. Read more


The Rescuers

National Park Service

Two Pictured Rocks rangers were driving home when a man, drenched and in kayak gear, came running out of the woods and collapsed in the road. His friends, he said, were still in the water. Meet the rescuers who respond to these kinds of emergencies. Read more


Porphyry Island Beckons with a Lighthouse, Trails & Gallery

Courtesy Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Superior

An adventure to Porphyry Island on Black Bay about 8 miles east of Sleeping Giant Provincial Park starts with how you get there. Most people arrive by kayak, canoe or boat. Or you can hire a fishing charter, a floatplane or helicopter. Read more


One River, Two Islands

Richard Hamilton Smith / Courtesy The Nature Conservancy

Two islands – one a sprawling half-mile square and the other barely covering a couple city blocks – reflect evolving attitudes about the St. Louis River and its value to the community. Read more


Paddle Safety

Shelly Dinsmoore

Lake Superior’s beauty can belie its dangers, particularly if you’re not prepared with the right gear and paddling know-how. Here are the basics of kayaking safely on the Big Lake. Read more


The Lake Is Boss: Returning a Little Wiser from an Apostle Islands Paddle

Benjamin Alva Polley

Quickly I understood this was not like any other water we’d paddled. Miles from shore, if you capsize you can’t just swim to safety. Read more


Dragon Boat Festival

Bob Berg / Lake Superior Magazine

For spectators, the dragon boat races next to Barker’s Island in Superior might look like a mass of arms and paddles, swirling and splashing. But it soon gets easier to tell the teams apart as some boats pull ahead. Read more


Superior Challenge

Jared Munch

The Big Lake awes many people with its power and beauty, but it inspires some to test their limits. Meet individuals who set out on the water as a challenge and returned with a better understanding of themselves and our Sweetwater Sea. Read more


Journey of a Lifetime

Charly Ray

Paddling from Lake Superior to the Canadian plains – everybody does that for their honeymoon trip, right? Read more


That Old Boulder-Jumper, Finn

Ann Marie Mershon

Sunshine and exhilarating waves on Lake Superior have called like siren songs for the last nine years to my group of kayaking friends, the Old Fogies, all of us in our 60s and 70s, all from Grand Marais, Minnesota. Read more


What's SUP?

Courtesy North Shore SUP

For longtime kayakers and canoeists, standup paddleboarding offers a fresh perspective on familiar waters and a new challenge, but the booming sport is also drawing in folks who’ve never held a paddle. Read more



BW Canoes

A collection of paddling items featured in the April/May 2010 issue of Lake Superior Magazine. Read more

Product Reviews

Paddling Pukaskwa

Layne Kennedy

For a long time, this place called “Pukaskwa” intrigued us. Pukaskwa National Park stretches down the far eastern side of the lake from Pic River near Hattie Cove to Pukaskwa River nearly 144 miles south. No interior roads lead to this wild coast. Read more


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    Duluth Pack


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    BW Canoes


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    Joe O'Blenis


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