State of the Lake



Here beside the world’s largest freshwater lake, it’s easy to recall and remember our maritime heritage. But while the water remains our soul and mainstay, part of our heritage requires a look up into the skies. Read more


Land, Water & History: Exploring Our Geoheritage

Parks Canada

Have you ever stood barefoot on massive rocks beside Lake Superior? The idea of geoheritage is to connect people to geological history by pointing out significant features and highlighting the way we use and interact with the landscape. Read more

Lake Superior

Our Working Water

Courtesy City of Duluth

You probably don’t give the water from your faucet a second thought, but our lakeside cities do and invest millions to bring us clean water. Read more

Lake Superior

The Viewing Circle

David Whittaker / Courtesy Brook McIlroy

Recent decades have seen an amazing investment and revitalization of our city waterfronts into welcoming places for residents and visitors. Three writers take us to the Big Lake’s major cities to witness the waking up of our waterfronts. Read more

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351: Tischer Creek

Darin Bainter

Our State of the Lake report this year focuses on the 2012 disasters – what experts think will come next, how our communities are preparing for the unexpected, and how neighbors help neighbors. Read more

Lake Superior


Courtesy Jay Cooke State Park


Courtesy Lori Miller / Luce County "Link"

When needs arise with the flood waters, Lake Superior basin residents have risen to help, too. Read more


Courtesy USDA Forest Service / Superior National Forest

A look at recent floods, fires and blowdowns in our region. Read more

Lake Superior

There is no question that Lake Superior enriches the lives of those of us privileged to reside on or near it and those who visit. But just how much does that 10 percent of the world’s surface fresh water affect us? Read more

Great Lakes

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