Peregrine Falcons Return to U.P. Bridges


Peregrine falcons have returned to the Portage Lake Lift Bridge between Houghton and Hancock again this year, and area students built nest boxes for them. Falcons have also successfully nested on the Sault Ste. Marie International Bridge this year. Read more

Natural World

How Did You Get Here? A Naturalist’s View of Isle Royale

Larry Stone

By air, by water or by ice, it’s fascinating to imagine how such a diversity of seemingly fragile organisms came to colonize the largest island on the world’s largest freshwater Lake. Read more

Natural World

Oh, Deer: The Buck-Naked Truth about Our Local Cervids

Paul Sundberg

It seems white-tails have always been in our North Woods, but they are immigrants. Until the mid-1800s, moose and caribou outnumbered deer in the mature forest surrounding the Big Lake. How did that flip? Read more

Natural World

Lake Superior Journal: Everything Will Be Owl Right

Mike Mikulich

The owl didn’t move much as I photographed it in the tall grass. Did it have something in its talons that made it stay put? I shifted angles. The owl spooked and flapped awkwardly, settling only a few feet away. Something was definitely wrong. Read more

Natural World 1 Comments

Lake Superior Journal: Day One at the Crossroads

Dave Myers

My wife, our four little kids and I eagerly approached the trailhead of the Lake Superior Provincial Park Coastal Trail in Ontario. We were prepared to take our initial footsteps into a backpacking adventure. Then we saw the sign: “Bear Problems.” Read more


Lake Superior Journal: A Moose in the Rearview Mirror

Diane Larson

We had traveled a little more than a quarter mile from the intersection when I happened to look in my rearview mirror. A large dark animal stood in the middle of the road a good distance behind us. I let out a squeal and hit the brakes. Read more

Natural World

Clicking on the Lynx

Mike Mikulich

You might say I’m a wildlife paparazzo. I spend many happy hours lurking along northwoods trails or shoreside beaches, trying to spot and shoot – with a camera only – the rock stars of our region. On this day, I sought the elusive Canada lynx. Read more

Art/Photography 1 Comments

A Visit to Tahquamenon Falls Country

Thomas Brouwer

Near the naturally dark waters of the Tahquamenon River, you'll find waterfalls, good beer, friendly bears, shipwreck history, adventure and beauty. Read more


A Journey North of Already Up North

Jonathan Schechter

We were bound for Errington’s Wilderness Island Resort on Lake Wabatongushi, a couple hundred miles north of Sault Ste. Marie. I’d recently discovered paddleboarding and wanted to use it on a fishing excursion Up North. Read more


Come Over, Come Over, Piping Plover

Ted Gostomski

Historically, hundreds of piping plovers made nests beside the Great Lakes, but those numbers plummeted after decades of habitat loss and human disturbance. Nearly wiped out 30 years ago, the small shorebirds have made a Big Lake comeback. Read more

Natural World

Ruffed Grouse

David Brislance

A familiar sound echoes over the ridges of Minnesota’s Sawtooth Mountains – muffled, rhythmic thumps of wings beating against soft-feathered bodies. Male ruffed grouse are ready to rumble, showing off their stuff to catch a female’s eye and ear. Read more

Natural World

Isabelle, a lone Isle Royale wolf

Courtesy Rolf Peterson

Isle Royale Wolf Found Dead on Mainland

An Isle Royale wolf has been found dead on the mainland, along the Grand Portage Indian Reservation shore, after using an ice bridge to leave the island. Read more

Feb 25, 2014 1:10 PM Superior Notes


Rolf Peterson

A solid ice bridge over Lake Superior has formed between Isle Royale and the mainland, an increasingly rare link that could bring new life – quite literally – to an isolated and inbred Isle Royale National Park wolf population facing extirpation. Read more

Natural World 5 Comments

Winter Deer

Mark Upton

In the Woods

"We had a chat today with the people in the woods." Upper Peninsula photographer Mark Upton shares a moment of life by Lake Superior. Read more

Feb 4, 2014 10:57 AM My Lake Superior


Paul Sundberg

David Brislance's “bird whispering” began about 10 years ago, by accident, when black-capped chickadees began landing on his shoulder or hat, waiting for sunflower seeds. Read more


Great Lakes Aquarium's New Exhibit

Bob Berg / Lake Superior Magazine

New Exhibit at the Great Lakes Aquarium

Last night was the official opening reception at the Great Lakes Aquarium in Duluth for a new exhibit – Fire, Ice and the Rise of Life. Read more

Jun 13, 2013 10:52 AM Superior Notes

Terry Mattson Resolution Presented

Paul L. Hayden / Lake Superior Magazine

Around the Circle This Week: Grounded

Loons fall from the sky in Minnesota and northern Wisconsin; Visit Duluth President/CEO honored by the Minnesota Senate; the Houghton County Memorial Airport adds a third flight, from Chicago; and upcoming events. Read more

May 10, 2013 6:00 PM Superior Notes

Around the Circle This Week: A Supposedly Fun Thing

Winter strikes again, forcing Wisconsin's governor to postpone his trip to Cable for the fishing opener; the Great Lakes' dredging crisis; a supposedly fun thing one man will never do again; ice persists on Chequamegon Bay; and upcoming events. Read more

May 3, 2013 3:59 PM Superior Notes


Bob Skogen

The Ice-Fishing Fox

So there we were, two grown men in a 5-by-7-foot aluminum-framed, fold-up ice house watching little holes in the ice with high expectations. We thought catching fish would be the highlight of our day. We were way off. Read more

Apr 5, 2013 1:40 PM Superior Notes

Around the Circle This Week: Shipping Out

The shipping season begins in earnest with the opening of the Soo Locks; gearing up for construction season around the Big Lake; the first saltie arrives in Duluth, the Great Lakes' most inland port; and the Madeline Island ice road closes. Read more

Mar 29, 2013 8:00 PM Superior Notes

  • Rusty Patched Bumblebee

    U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

    Rusty Patched Bumblebee

    Minnesota's state bee is the endangered rusty patch bumblebee

  • Pollinator Poster

    Minnesota DNR

    Pollinator Poster

    A pollinator poster from the Minnesota DNR

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