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Re: Store Purchases

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us – we greatly appreciate hearing from our customers. Please be assured that we have a strong protocol to always buy local first (which, for us, is U.S. and Canada) but there simply are basic products that cannot be obtained from any local source at a price point our customers will pay. We agree that, in a perfect world, all our merchandise would be made in North America because we take great pride in creating jobs and products ourselves. Thanks to your comments, we will do yet another round of research to see if we can find affordable suppliers as we review our product plans for 2014. We agree it is always a worthy goal.

Cindy Marshall Hayden
Lake Superior Port Cities Inc.

Lake Superior Magazine more than 9 years ago

Store purchases

While I enjoyed coming and making purchases at the store I was somewhat shocked to find so much of the items are made in China. Is there a better way to promote all of the UP NORTH LOVE and use more local vendors or at least Made in USA items?

Gail more than 9 years ago

Old Issues

Mary's question is one that many readers have. If you have older issues of the magazine that you'd like to recycle, we suggest that you find a local library, school or retirement facility and make a donation of your collection. In the past, these have been much appreciated. Most small libraries do not have a budget to keep up to date on magazines, so Lake Superior Magazine would make a nice addition to their archives.

Lake Superior Magazine more than 11 years ago

old issues

I have about 100 old issues from the 1980's and 1990"s. Is your shop interested in them or do you know of someone who collects them.

Thank you.

mary hemphill more than 11 years ago


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