Potica on the Plate (“po-teet-sah”)



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Thanks for the memories!

I hail from the area around Butte Montana where we call the pastry povitica. My grandmother and mother were the tools of deliciousness in our home and my memories of childhood include sitting under the table as they stretched the dough above me on a pink tablecloth. Our table was an enormous oval and the two of them would make circle after circle stretching. The kitchen had to be so warm for the dough to stretch. The smell of the sweet dough and the walnut/honey/butter mixture on the stove are some of the best memories of childhood. In our house, it was served cold with even more butter on top! My brother and I learned that it was possible to butter both top and bottom. amazing, delicious Serbian memories.

Jenny Butorovich Given more than 1 year ago

Potica Danish

We're happy to say that the Potica story is now up on our relaunched website. Check under Lifestyle and our Food stories.

Lake Superior Magazine more than 11 years ago

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