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Marine Warning for September 3 storm in Apostle Islands

I have to wonder what marine forecast Micheal DeWitt listened to on September 3. I was on the lake that day and overnight during the squall. I listened to NOAA WX7 several times during the day and late afternoon when the forecast is updated at 4 p.m. I do not recall the exact wording in the forecast during the day, however, the NOAA WX7 broadcast absolutely did not say, "The wind was predicted to turn northwest after midnight," as recounted by Mr. DeWitt. The wind was SW during the day and predicted to go NW, NE over night and NW again. (I don't know how to find the exact NOAA broadcast for past events or I would listen to that again). While considering the NOAA forecast, I was planning to be in a location that had protection from the NW and the NE-E because it was predicted to switch to NE after midnight. I went to Presque Isle dock for that reason. NOAA even had an emergency alert broadcast before the storm hit the Apostles. While I was able to secure dock space, if none was available I would have anchored in bay at Presque Isle. I am certainly glad that no one was injured, and Mr. DeWitt did the best he could in these circumstances, however I cannot understand his assertion regarding the wind direction "northwest after midnight".

Brian Kerr 5 days ago

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