What This Winter's Ice Bridge to Isle Royale Means for the Island and Its Wolves



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Isle Royale Wolves.

I hope they save the wolves, maybe send in 2-3 preg females. Oh and, global warming is a hoax, climate change is not, it's also not man made because it's changed many times before. The poles also change and one day when they do again, will that be because of man too? How come they didn't have global warming in the mid-19-20th centuries with the coal fired everything, so bad in made acid rain, and smog etc. I've never seen smog or acid rain, I was born in 1975. Seems like this is the cleanest our enviornment has been in MANY years. Oh and, if there is global warming, I sure wish it would hurry up, I'm ready for some spring! -Michigan

Todd Twopapers more than 9 years ago

Global warming bias

Numerous times in this article SCARY climate projections are made as though they were fact. They are not. Evidence has been piling up for several years now that global warming is OVER. Yet no contrary opinions are cited - not one.

Chris Willis more than 9 years ago

Global warming bias

You are correct. The facts are revealing that many in the scientific community have prostituted themselves and are guilty of flagrant bias to the point of lying and giving us bad science.

Bob Guilfoil more than 9 years ago


Isle Royale is a gem of our country. I enjoy taking youth there to experience the wild splendor. Ice bridges are a super highway to most Great Lakes Islands. I love biodiversity. I also respect Mother Nature and her cycles and swings. Yes, man is affecting climate but so also. Lets be better stewards of the land. If the NPS wants to play a God-like role then reintroduce all extirpated species including the woodland caribou. But, then where does the man-made manipulation stop. My two cents is let them be. Let them use the ice or swim when they want on or off. As a former Michigan Conservation Officer, I have encountered a drowned young bull moose I dragged from Lake Michigan and a Bear drowned swimming from Canada to Drummond Island. Many, many animals make enormous swims and survive. This won't be the last ice bridge and there is always water for swimming.

Kellie more than 9 years ago

Ice bridge

It could also be said that this is the second ice bridge in 6 years...depends on what you want the number to say I guess.

Brian more than 9 years ago

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