Around the Circle This Week: September 19, 2014

Crews finished a stabilization project on Minnesota's Knife River; Ashland firefighters helped battle a wildfire in California; Marquette Maritime Museum unveiled a new exhibit; and Apostle Islands National Lakeshore received a Park Stewards grant. more »

Sep 19, 2014 Superior Notes

Tourists visited it by boat until Highway 61 was completed past the site in 1924. Subsequently, it has become one of the most visited sites in Minnesota.

Minnesota Historical Society Split Rock Collection

Time's Sentinel: The History of Split Rock Lighthouse

It took a catastrophic November storm to convince the U.S. Congress to build what would become among the most recognized and beautiful landmarks on Lake Superior – Split Rock Lighthouse. more »

Aug 1, 2001 Maritime

Great Lake Destinations

Find out more about Lake Superior Magazine's featured supporters through September's Great Lake Destinations. Links, Video, Facebook and more. more »

Aug 31, 2014 Magazine

These drawings from John Bouchard's book, Life on the Invisible Line, showcase his artistic style and sense of humor.

John Bouchard

Saganaga Saga: A Love Affair with a Remote Crossing along the U.S.-Canada Border Waters

Trapper, conservation officer, artist – John Bouchard and his wife, Eveline, joined the hardy trailblazers in the late 1960s at the Ontario-Minnesota border waters, a community of distinct personalities, diverse opinions and dedicated neighbors. more »

Sep 11, 2014 Ontario


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Lake Level Report: Beginning of September 2014

Lake Superior was 6 inches above long-term average in August, its sixth consecutive month of high water. more »

Sep 10, 2014 Superior Notes

In her new cookbook, Bea pairs butternut squash & onion soup with delectable quick yeast buns.

Courtesy Rodale Books

Recipe Box: Soup and Bread, Perfect Pairings

Duluth cooking star Beatrice Ojakangas, a James Beard Foundation Hall of Fame winner and the celebrated author of 28 cookbooks spanning 25 years, has broken down the art and science of the perfect pairing of soup and bread. more »

Sep 2, 2014 Food/Recipes

Le Strubel rests calmly near Duluth hours before a storm that would leave Julie and Charly windbound in Two Harbors, Minnesota – an example of fickle Big Lake weather.

Charly Ray

Journey of a Lifetime: An Excerpt from "Paddling to Winter"

Paddling from Lake Superior to the Canadian plains – everybody does that for their honeymoon trip, right? more »

Sep 2, 2014 Recreation

Peeking from behind a boat bow, sitting next to another boat, seems natural for Lynn Wegner at his new home in his old Park Point neighborhood in Duluth.

Courtesy Lynn Wegner

For One Park Pointer, New Beginnings in the Old Neighborhood

Lynn Wegner grew up on Park Point, that long sandy peninsula in Duluth. After more than 30 years away, he returned to build his retirement home. more »

Aug 26, 2014 Homes

After years of dirt accumulation, the Redstone was cleaned with hot water spray and detergent. The gingerbread on the porch and special trim paint scheme were added during renovation.

Jeff Frey

Redoing the Redstone

How Howard Klatzky restored a historic Duluth mansion, once the home of the Congdon family, and turned it into a spectacular office showcase. more »

Mar 1, 1988 Homes

3M Corporation

The Two Harbors Roots of 3M Corporation

Internationally-known 3M Corporation – maker of such products as Post-it notes and Scotch tape – was founded in Two Harbors, Minnesota. The building where 3M was born now houses a museum dedicated to the history of the company. more »

May 23, 2005 Minnesota

The Thunder Bay Main Lighthouse was built in 1937 at a cost of $14,000. In 1971, it got moved about 3 feet when the steamship Simcoe plowed into it and did damage that took about four months to repair.

Elle Andra-Warner

Lighting the Northern Edge: Lake Superior's Ontario Lighthouses

On the Ontario shores of Lake Superior, there are more than 32 lighthouse sites, some abandoned, moved or destroyed, but others still active aids to navigation or year-round emergency lights. more »

Aug 15, 2014 Maritime

Ishpeming native John Voelker loved fishing U.P. streams and lakes. He also loved writing. His 1958 novel Anatomy of a Murder, written under the pseudonym Robert Traver, became an Otto Preminger movie. John wrote several books about trout fishing, too.

Courtesy John Voelker Papers Collection at NMU

Casting a Line with a U.P. Legend

John D. Voelker was, and still is, something of a legend in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The author recounts the story of a memorable encounter with the novelist and fisherman. more »

Aug 5, 2014 Recreation

Dr. Joel Carter created stacked-stone sculptures to relieve the stress of work in an emergency room.

Courtesy Joel Carter

How Water and Big Lake Living Keep Us Well

Water lapping against the shore and a blue horizon stretching forever – we often experience the benefit of spending time beside the Big Lake in its calm moods and know how it seems to soothe us. Does water have actual restorative powers? more »

Jul 31, 2014 Health/Wellness

Video: Lake Superior is ...

During the Lake Superior Day festivities in Duluth, we asked visitors and locals, kids and adults, to fill in the blank: Lake Superior is ______. more »

Jul 22, 2014 Lake Superior

It's a Wonderful Lake: What if it Disappeared?

There is no question that Lake Superior enriches the lives of those of us privileged to reside on or near it and those who visit. But just how much does that 10 percent of the world’s surface fresh water affect us? more »

Jul 21, 2010 Great Lakes

Vermilion Community College, in Ely, Minnesota, sits on 80 acres, half of which is a forest used in training in outdoors-focused programs.

Courtesy Vermilion Community College

Practical Learning: Community Colleges Prepare Students for Local Workforce

Community colleges around the Lake Superior region share a common ability to educate students specific to local workforce needs. For many students, these work-specific programs make the most sense – and make the most of their dollars. more »

Jun 16, 2014 Education

Picturing the Big Lake: How to Photograph Lightning

As difficult as it may seem, lightning is actually easy to photograph with basic camera equipment and a bit of knowledge and experience. With some practice, you will find yourself taking striking lightning images to show off to friends and family. more »

Superior Notes

Brian Stabinger

Surfin' the Big Lake

Typically Lake Superior is not a place where people expect to find surfers. A boy reared by the waves of the world’s largest fresh-water lake became the man credited with revolutionizing the design of boards used for salt-water surfing worldwide. more »

Sep 3, 2001 Recreation

Ups & Downs: My 8 Years Operating Duluth's Aerial Lift Bridge

For eight years, I supervised operation of the Aerial Lift Bridge and observed much from my perch above the Duluth Ship Canal. Here are the four worst and five best things I encountered, from bridge hangers-on to the unforgettable sunrise views. more »

Apr 10, 2014 Superior Notes

Shawn Malone

Wild About Weather

The next time that you are in a department store, look up to the ceiling. It’s about 20 feet or so to the lights. Now, imagine a wave that tall racing toward your boat in the middle of a churning Lake Superior. more »

Jan 16, 2012 Lake Superior

A satellite view of the October 26-27, 2010, extratropical cyclone that rocked the region.

National Weather Service

Nine Major Lake Superior Storms

Powered by strong low-pressure systems, these nine Lake Superior storms wrecked dozens of ships and claimed hundreds of lives. more »

Jan 16, 2012 Natural World

And the Minnesota Magazine of the Year Is ... Lake Superior Magazine!

Lake Superior Magazine joins prestigious company and becomes the first under-30,000-circulation publication to earn the Minnesota Magazine of the Year from the Minnesota Magazine & Publishing Association. more »

Nov 12, 2013 Media Center

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