Gary McGuffin

The Slate Islands origin starts some 450 million years ago when a nearly 1-mile-wide meteorite crashed into the Earth just south of the equator. more

The Lake

Finding Fabulous Fungi

Sparky Stensaas

Dead Man’s Fingers, Tree Ear, Velvet Foot, Toothed Jelly, Bear’s Head Tooth, The Blusher, Brain Fungus, Fuzzy Foot. Revel in the staggering shapes and colors of our North Woods fungi – and their evocative names. more

Natural World

Find out more about Lake Superior Magazine's featured supporters through July's Great Lake Destinations. Links, Maps, Video, Facebook, Twitter and more. more


How Did You Get Here? A Naturalist’s View of Isle Royale

Larry Stone

By air, by water or by ice, it’s fascinating to imagine how such a diversity of seemingly fragile organisms came to colonize the largest island on the world’s largest freshwater Lake. more

Natural World


Erik Frosh

Looking across from Munising to Grand Island or even passing in a guided Pictured Rocks cruise by its iconic East Channel Lighthouse, you’d probably never guess that a good way to get to know this remote, intriguing spot is by bus. more




Two of the newest lodging options in Lake Superior's northwest corner encourage getting to know other guests and the local neighborhood. more


Lake Superior Journal: The Island of Aunt Peg’s Dreams

Author's Collection

It started with Aunt Peg’s story, became a mystery that cast me and my cousin as family sleuths and ended in a stranger’s home on a storied Ontario peninsula. No, actually, the whole thing began in Ireland. Let me explain. more


The green, crinkly leaves of the rhubarb patch make their predictable appearance late each spring, heralding a summer filled with rhubarb cake, rhubarb jam, sour rhubarb sauce and sweet rhubarb pie. more



Used by special permission, ® DAWN LaPOINTE

For photographers Gary Fiedler and Dawn LaPointe, life by Lake Superior, well, it’s like a box of chocolates. more


Lake Superior Journal: Day One at the Crossroads

Dave Myers

My wife, our four little kids and I eagerly approached the trailhead of the Lake Superior Provincial Park Coastal Trail in Ontario. We were prepared to take our initial footsteps into a backpacking adventure. Then we saw the sign: “Bear Problems.” more




“I want this house back.” It was as simple as that for Mike Luhrsen as he stared into the ashes of his beloved Lake Superior-view dream home. He instantly knew he wanted to recreate it and his wife, Chrysa, signed on immediately. more




Tradition with a New Flair: To celebrate turning 100 in May, Thunder Bay’s beloved Hoito Restaurant has been collaborating each month with a different guest chef to offer a brand-new dish based on the Hoito’s signature Finnish pancakes. more


Community Supported Agriculture: Edible Profits for Investors in Our Local Food

Courtesy Hermit Creek Farm

Try these three recipes suggested by local farms: Cucumber Salsa, Braised Carrots with Mint and Cider Vinegar, and Eggplant Caponata. more


We’ve compiled a list of some of the terrific, locally owned shops where you can buy your Lake Superior Calendars and loads of other great items. Check it out! more

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North House Folk School

One of the best ways to enjoy Lake Superior is to get out on Lake Superior. Visitors to Minnesota’s North Shore in summer can choose sightseeing tours, dinner cruises or even a sailing adventure. more



Phil Bencomo / Lake Superior Magazine

Acupuncture – the ancient Chinese practice of using carefully placed needles to treat a variety of maladies – has moved into the modern medical mainstream nationally and Big Lake locally. more


My Week with a Superior Sentinel

Kyle Underwood

For seven days, we would be the official “unofficial” keepers of Michigan's Crisp Point Lighthouse, the remote station west of Whitefish Point. Any member of the Crisp Point Light Historical Society can apply for this volunteer position. more


Download lake views and other scenes from the region for your desktops and home screens. more


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Aids to help you find your way around Lake Superior and the region.

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